Couples and others in attendance at 2009 reunion


Melba and Ray Steube

(Ray will be hosting the 2010 reunion in Brandson MO Sept 21-24.)

Jim and LaVerne Lee

Leonard and Willa Bose

Mary and Jim Hietter

Ray and Dorothy Rogers

Wes and Elaine Blankenship

Ruby and Rudy Lyon

Dick Workman,Leo Moritz and Sandy

Speedy Gomez and Ginny

Ruth Swanton,Twyla Tolar, and TJ Swanton

Roland Tolar, Tracy and Hank Spino

Betty Copeland, Rickie Orzen, and Harry Copeland

Rudy Leon and Willie Wilson

Willie's Grandkids

Charlotte and Ray Stassin

Andy and Irene Andrews

Barbara and Al Lang

William and Florence Willborn

(William will host the 2011 Reunion in Chicago, Ill.)

Sarah Lovdahl, Tracy Spino, and Erv Lovdahl

Mo Alston and Jim Hietter

Hank Spino and Mort Orzen

The Oldest in attendance (Spino is 90)

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